Vacuum elements of channeling

In all the installations working in low pressures. For very low pressures beyond 10 -mbar, the elements of channeling "ultra vacuum" are necessary.

Stainless steel on inquiry nuance 316 L (AFNOR : Z2 CNP 17-12).
For all other demands, consult us: :

It is assured by the clamping of a PERBUNANT, VITON elastomer circular joint or joins metal (aluminum).PERBUNANT joint allows an ascent of temperature in steam room until 70°c.VITON joint authorizes an ascent of temperature in steam room until 160°c. their resistance is also superior in acid and chlorinated environment.

All our elements of nominal diameter 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm answer European recommendations PNEUROP (KF).They are totally compatible in dimension, possibilities of welding, ascent of temperature and corrosion with the European products.

The connection between VACUUM installations and ULTRA VACUUM installations can be advantageously performed with our elements of TRANSITION KF / CF, whatever are the diameters of departure and arrival (even for the small diameters in U.S dimensions).